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The PAD printing or also known as tampography in Europe is a modern printing technology that able to quickly transfer a 2-D image onto a 3-D objects with a high quality decoration/ marks on any products. PAD printing is effective in all Marketing and Advertising, cost effectiveness, flexible, and versatile for all manufacturers because it is using an indirect gravure (offset) printing which involves a silicone pad to transfer images onto a substrate. This will allows PAD printing to be used for a number of products that would be impossible to print on products in many industries such as medical, automotive, promotional, apparel, and electronic objects as well as appliances, sport equipment, toys, even the functional materials (conductive inks, dyes, lubricants, and adhesive).

The uniqueness of the silicone pads uses for the process gives ability to pick the image up from a flat plate and transfer it to a number of surfaces including flat, spherical, textured, concave and convex surfaces. This makes PAD printing invaluable for everyone on any industries who need a better solution for membrane switch printing.

Nowadays, PAD printing is not well known as a printing process, but we see and touch pad printed items every day. PAD print can be easily found and widely used on several premium gift. For example:
- Plastic Ballpoint Pen, Plastic Pen, Ballpoint
- USB Drive, Thumb Drive or Pen Drive
- Memo Pad or Note Pad
- Toys and Sports Equipment such as golf balls
- Electronic micro components, such as cables, connectors, IC chips, relays, etc.